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Hypno? As in hypnosis?
If you’re like most people you’re probably thinking:
“HypnoBirthing®? Does that mean the person is hypnotised?”

Yes – but hypnosis is almost certainly not what you think it is. Unfortunately, stage hypnosis has given many people a negative and mistaken view of hypnotherapy in general. You’re most likely recalling TV scenes of a stage hypnotist making people think they’re a chicken, or attracted to a broom, or naked in public. – Not very appealing, right?

However in hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing® you are always in control and aware of what is going on.

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration – a state of mind in which we can communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. This part of our brain influences what we think, how we feel and the choices we make. It can actually control pain.

There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis. Almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus.

When having a baby with HypnoBirthing® the mother will be conversant, in good spirits, fully in control but profoundly relaxed. Her experience will be similar to the daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or staring at a fire.

So, what is HypnoBirthing® about?
The HypnoBirthing® Childbirth method empowers parents with knowledge and techniques for achieving a satisfying and relaxed birth. When a mom is properly prepared for childbirth – the mind is relaxed and the body free to follow its birthing instinct – then birth will unfold in the same well-designed manner as it does in nature. HypnoBirthing® also equips husbands or partners with the confidence to be a central part of the birthing process, supporting moms, staying calm and focused on the techniques they’ve been taught.

HypnoBirthing® techniques guide you to discard all negative preconceptions/emotions about birth, to free yourself of pain-causing fear and unyielding muscles. It teaches you to trust your body and how to work with it, using your innate birthing instincts. You will learn to engage your body’s own natural relaxants (endorphins) – replacing the stress hormones that create pain – to lessen or eliminate discomfort and the need for medication. 

A HypnoBirthing® mom will be aware of her body’s contractions, but will be able to determine the extent to which she feels it. She will be able to experience a gentle, in control birth, in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear and tension that causes pain.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing®

  • Teaches deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and, thus, pain
  • Greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for chemical painkillers and drugs
  • Shortens the first phase of labor
  • Leaves mother alert, fresh, awake and with energy
  • Helps keep oxygen supplied to baby during birthing
  • Reduces the need for an episiotomy
  • Reduces and often eliminates fatigue during labor
  • Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby
  • Gives the birthing companion an integral role in the birthing
  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting and facilitates bonding between parents and baby
  • Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing

HypnoBirthing® Outcomes

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