Carol & Kagiso

Carol – 1st time mom to:
Kagiso – a girl
Born 31 December 2013
(39 weeks)
A natural hospital birth
Although all didn’t go as planned, most of it did go as I had imagined it. The morning of the 30th December my show came out and we went to the hospital.
They put a drip on me with medication “In case the baby is in danger”. I had it throughout until I was discharged.
I started walking around the hospital room and doing the exercises we learnt so the baby can move down.
Every nurse that came in on their rounds would ask me: “How are the pains?” yet there was no pain at all. The attending nurse kept saying: “If there is no pain the baby will not come out.” Whenever she was checking how far the baby was she would also make sure I felt some pain. We ended up fighting. It was a long night with her around.
 At 11pm 30 December my water broke.
The surges finally started at about 1am 31 December.
I mostly used the rainbow relaxation which worked very well. The breathing techniques helped a lot and I used the calm breathing all the way until I had to use the J breathing.
At about 5am the surges were very strong. Thanks to my husband being around, he reminded me of the slow breathing and that I should relax.
The nurse was still driving me crazy. I heard her and my husband arguing at some point in time. She really wanted me to scream.
At 8am I was tired. I hadn’t slept at all. I was losing concentration. I remember my husband saying if he never attended the classes he wouldn’t know what to do.
At 10am my doctor came in and confirmed that I was 9.5cm dilated. I walked around and got onto the birth ball and started to swing my hips.
At 11am 31 December the baby was ready to come to meet mommy and daddy. I had the urge to push as you explained. My husband kept on reminding me not to push but to breathe. I think that is the most difficult part of all. The urge is so strong sometimes I would go with it. My feet were up and I was taking short breaths and breathing down my stomach. My doctor kept on saying “You are not pushing!” I kept on breathing down.

 At 11:55am 31 December baby Kagiso was born.
The nurse said to me this is a miracle baby because she did most of the work. And I said I trusted my body and my baby will work together in harmony and all I need to do is relax.
They gave me 2 injections to get the placenta out, but it still took 45min which I think we could have waited.
My baby didn’t cry when she came out. Today she doesn’t cry. She is a very calm baby.

 All I can say is thank you Hypnobirthing for the information. It was very useful. The theory is true. After so many people laughed at me when I talked about hypnobirthing, I proved to myself it can be done.
Thank you Chanel, you should continue to teach other women such skills and techniques.
I will share my story with other women. I think some experience helps. Yours helped me.
My next baby will be a home birth


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