Claire-lynn & Hayden


Claire-lynn (30)
2nd time mom to:
Hayden – a 3.45kg girl
born 12 June 2014
(at 39 weeks)
A birth centre water birth

We were so fortunate to have a wonderful water birth experience.
Hayden arrived at sunset when all the lights in the room were off and only the 6 candles were going. Very special!  

The labour was about 25 hours and I had to do it all in an upright position. The minute I lay down, my contractions slowed down. So most of the time I was standing and walking.
The HypnoBirthing worked wonders except for the last part when she was coming down. The instinct of my body was so strong that I could not override it! At that point I didn’t care what I did… I just wanted her out. But overall, I can truly say that of the 25 hours, I only experienced “pain” for 30-40 minutes! So, so worth it!  

 I was so fortunate to be able to catch Hayden when she came out and bring her straight to my chest. She was so peaceful and only cried a while after. They left the cord attached for about 15 minutes before cutting it and from my chest she went straight to my husband’s chest. It was really so peaceful for her. She did not go into distress once during the whole birth process.
We are so thrilled to have a little girl! It still feels so surreal! 


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