Clare & Ellianna

 Clare & Ellianna

Clare (38)
1st time mom to:
Ellianna – a 3.54kg baby girl
born 5 Nov 2014
(at 41 weeks)
A natural birth centre birth

The birth was a long one.
Surges started Tuesday around 5pm, so I had been up all day already. They were around 10 minutes apart and a little intense.
Around midnight they started to get more intense continuing throughout the night and they were 7 minutes apart. Breathing through them helped until about 4am when they jumped to 4 minutes apart. They were so intense I wasn’t sure I could breathe through some of them. 

So, around 6.30am we got in the car to go to the birth centre. Traffic was horrendous and being in the car where I couldn’t get down on all fours to work with the surges was hard to deal with, but we made it to the birth centre. Phew! I got out of the car and was on the floor again with another surge.
At the birth centre I went straight into the bath and was there for a while. My midwife checked me and said I was fully thinned and open. Great news! So, I had stayed at home through the whole first stage. 

The second stage was continuous. I didn’t have a rest period for regrouping.
From 8am until about 10 I was in the bath – my midwife, doula and husband all helping me.
Ellianna was already fully down and I just needed to get her through the birth canal section, which wasn’t as easy as I thought – just breathing wasn’t helping her come closer.
So, we got me out of the bath, trying gravity and weight to help. We tried various positions: all fours, across the bed, but supported squat worked the best.
We continued, I was in the zone and determined and she was strong. The midwife gave us so much time to get it right.

By midday the midwife thought baby and I were starting to get too tired and so we changed positions and got on the bed and into a comfy position.
I had to push like I’d never done before… I wasn’t prepared for that and was getting frustrated with myself, so I dug deep into myself to figure it out.
I had some relief from Entonox and help from a ‘Kiwi’ as baby had now been in the birth canal for a couple of hours. We succeeded, with a lot of pushing, because with breathing alone and all the will in the world I wasn’t going to get her through. 

Ellianna was so chilled when she was born, no screaming or crying.
I birthed the placenta without trouble. I did have the oxytocin injection though, due to the length and intensity of the labour.
We lay on the bed for a couple of hours and then got ready for the ward. They kept us in for the night due to the length of the labour, which was nice as I needed help feeding her.

Looking back as I replayed the birth in my head, I did HypnoBirthing the entire way up to the last hour when I needed to use extra tools to get baby here. The team with me were fantastic, so supportive of HypnoBirthing and what I was trying to achieve.
Debriefing with the midwife and doula afterwards, I was told that I have a very narrow birth canal and she was a big baby. They were very impressed with how I coped and continued throughout to give 150%. 

I’m very much for HypnoBirthing and know that if it wasn’t for the tools and skills it had equipped me with I wouldn’t have been able to go through any of the surges with such comfort and get through the birth.
I know it probably isn’t a text book HypnoBirth, but it was our journey and I don’t feel anything other than pride in what I achieved and amazement at what I am actually capable of.
Thank you for your help in enabling me to achieve our journey!


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