Corlia & Gideon

 FB_IMG_1435000319615 Corlia (28)
2nd time mom to:
Gideon, a 3.26kg boy
born 5 Apr 2014
(at 41 weeks)
A hospital VBAC
“I did it!!! I gave birth naturally to Gideon! No IV drip, no epidural.  

I had surges from Friday night. Very strong surges. Rhythmically… 
When the surges were 3-4 minutes apart we went to the hospital. I was 1 cm dilated…
AND my gynae that committed to my VBAC was off-duty for the weekend for the first time in the year. The doctor that was on call does not do VBACS. Period. We panicked.
We desperately searched for backup all Saturday. No success.
Then we got hold of my gynae and he said all is fine and we could call him anytime over the weekend if needed.

 So after a very stressful Saturday my surges picked up anyway – but I was full of adrenalin and struggled to get my focus back even in the bath.
I phoned the doula and when she arrived I asked her to get me focused so that I can sleep between the surges. It worked and everyone got sleep in for at least 3 hours.
Then the serious hypno surge breathing started. We timed it, waited, walked and took up every position possible!

Around 14:30 on Sunday, my show came out.
And at 15:00 I was finally in active labour at 6 cm dilated with the hospital staff monitoring everything.
I was focused and my husband and doula kept reminding and telling me what to do.
The doula handed the hospital staff the HypnoBirthing instructions. They moved me to the labour room, dimmed the lights and gave us some privacy.
After 10 min they checked me and I was 8 cm dilated and then in less than a minute I was fully dilated. Just by the power of oxygen and correct breathing.

 The gynae arrived from a braai in his sandals and prepped everything for the delivery.
At about 15:20 I started J-breathing. It was not so easy. The baby was almost there and then pulled back up. After about ten breaths the gynae helped.
Then with the next breath I took, Gideon’s head came out and after that his body slid out.
I have never been more proud in my life!

 It was so perfect, so intense. Hard work – That’s why it’s called labour!
Just needed to tell you, that if one practices every day you can do it.
I know HypnoBirthing works and will definitely use it again. Without a doubt!
The sceptical nurses were also cured from their disbelief in HypnoBirthing.

 Gideon is so calm… I’ve never seen a calm child like this before!

 Thank you for your thoughts, classes and chats everything is so worth it.
Keep practising!


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