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 Bebepool Create your own baby pool and let family, friends and co-workers share in the excitement of baby’s arrival as they guess baby’s name, date of birth, weight, hair- and eye colour. Once the big day comes, the actual results can be entered. Bebepool crunches the numbers and ranks the entries to determine who has ultimate bragging rights.



 Midwives-Exclusive Heather Pieterse heads Midwives Exclusive – a small midwifery practice in Pretoria consisting of passionate midwives, who provide comprehensive maternity services including pre- and postnatal care and education, as well as natural birth facilities.

Natural birth -oriented websites

 Mother Instinct1 Pregnancy, birth and parenthood as nature intended Motherinstinct consists of doula services, birth related info and rentals of birth pools and TENS machines.
 Birthworks Birthworks‘ site provides info and promotes natural birth. The shop stocks a variety of natural -birth and -parenting-oriented products (baby carriers, cloth nappies, books, maternity- and breastfeeding clothing, etc.), as well as rentals of birthing pools, -balls, -stools and TENS machines.

Pregnancy Fitness & Exercise

 Preggi Bellies Exercise, health and fitness training for pregnant women. The Preggi Bellies exercise program combines pregnancy specific mediBall-, weights- and step work for a controlled cardiovascular workout followed by resistance training and pregnancy specific core stabilization. Great, feel-good, good-for-you fun!

Baby Wearing

 African Baby Carrier I am a huge fan of the African Baby Carrier. Babies are happiest closest to their caregivers and this product leaves your hands free to go about your business and multitask as mothers do. It is easy-to-use, comfortable, compact enough to pack in and provides strong support for baby (up to 3-years old).

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