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Is breast best for mom & baby Nov-Dec 2014Fitness Mag SA cover Nov-Dec 2014

Breast milk vs formula:

  • Ingredient composition
  • Advantages and disadvantages:
    o  to baby
    o  to mom and the family
  • Planning & preparation tips to make breastfeeding work
    o During pregnancy
    o  Getting started
  • Breastfeeding & exercise – tips

Preparing for pregnancy & child birth over 35 years of ageFitness Mag cover May-Jun 2014

Fitness Mag
May-Jun 2014

Coming to terms with advanced maternal age
Increased risks for pregnancy post mid-thirties:

  • Fertility & conception
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Caesarean sections
  • Premature birth
  • Genetic disorders
  • Miscarriage & still-births

Pre-pregnancy preparation:

  • Health screens/check-ups
  • Health & life-style changes
  • Pre-natal vitamins & medication review

Measures to apply during pregnancy:

  • Stick to regular & prescribed:
    o  gynae appointments/check-ups
    o  prenatal screenings/tests
  • Educate yourself
  • Be kind to your body & gain the recommended amount of weight
  • Arrange for support
Tips & techniques to prepare for and enhance comfort during labour:

Fitness Mag cover Mar-Apr 2014

Fitness Mag
Mar-Apr 2014

Preparation & tips to approach labour & childbirth with calm and confidence – spanning:

  • Pregnancy
  • Run-up to labour
  • Labour & birth

Tools & techniques address:

  • Becoming informed & developing a plan for birth
  • Selecting the right care provider, support person & birth environment
  • Conditioning your mind
  • Exercising your body
  • Relaxation: muscle tension release, massages, breathing and visualisation
  • Comfort & ambience items
  • Approaches, activities & positions for the various stages of labour
  • Nutrition & hydration
  • Alternative therapies
Fit & Fertile – the link between a healthy lifestyle & fertility:

Fitness Mag cover Jan-Feb 2014

Fitness Mag
Jan-Feb 2014

Impact of maternal age on fertility
Establishing a fertility baseline:

  • Physical examinations
  • Blood tests

Ditching fertility undermining habits:

  • Unhealthy body weight
  • Alcohol, smoking, drugs, caffeine consumption
  • Excessive stress

Adopting fertility enhancing behaviour:

  • Good nutrition
  • Getting active
  • Minimising stress
Preparing for natural childbirth:

Fitness Mag cover Nov-Dec 2013Fitness Mag
Nov-Dec 2013

Employing sport preparation techniques that are beneficial to child birth
Mind preparation:

  • Take ownership of your birth & set goals
  • Choose your birth caregivers & environment wisely
  • Create a positive expectancy, visualise your ideal birth & practice relaxation & labour comfort techniques

Regular moderate, steady, low-impact exercise – such as:

  • Walking, swimming/water aerobics, yoga/pilates or pregnancy tailored exercises
  • Squatting & toning inner thigh muscles, pelvic rock and kegel exercises

Pregnancy exercise safety tips
Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

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